The try out stage of De Haagse Spot is ‘world-famous’ in The Hague. Unspotted talent, established (stand-up) comedians and songwriters like to perform here. And the audience? They love De Haagse Spot.

“Ready for take-off helped us a lot with creating our mission and vision.”Mariette van Solingen – Producer at De Haagse Spot

But it is important to stay awake. De Haagse Spot has great plans. Beside the popular try-out stage, De Haagse Spot is also a production company. A network with self made innovative productions, trainings and workshops or theatre projects commissioned by municipality or companies. Suddenly you need to talk to a lot of different people.

“The new identity got so many compliments. Both artists as well as audience. We are enormously happy with the practical side in our campaign material.”Elisabeth Boor – Producer at De Haagse Spot

Ready for take-off loves De Haagse Spot and therefore we helped them by getting all plans on paper. To who are we communicating and when do we do that? Further we got to the core of the organization by some strategic sessions. Based on this we came up with a sharp corporate identity. Clear and simple in form, incentive in tone of voice.

In association with Marleen van den End