Visual identity and website works for (starting) family homes, municipalities and healthcare. Together they take care of children who are placed out of home and get a safe environment in a family home (gezinshuis in Dutch). This ‘care formula’ is successful and is growing. But the healthcare in the Netherlands is changing. Therefore it is very important to be visible for the (potential) family homes, municipalities and healthcare organisations. wants to be present more than ever, show who they are, what they stand for and what they have got to offer. They asked RFTO: “How can we communicate with all these different stakeholders and also be ourselves?”

“In no time Ready for take-off got the question behind the question clear. They learned a lot about youth healthcare and the position of in this field. With that they came up with a surprising yet custom fit new corporate identity for us. With great thoroughness and humor it’s nice working with Ready for take-off!”

Annemarie van der Velde – Formula manager

We made a good start with some strategic sessions. A custom fit, clear visual identity is the result. Next step was designing the most important thing: the website. And we’re very proud of 72/300 and JAWEL who took care of the complex technical construction. Now that’s what we call collaboration!