Ministry of Economic Affairs

Collection of essays

State Secretary Martijn van Dam asked 10 food professionals to give their vision on future food production and consumption. These visions are collected in the book ‘Aan Tafel!’. From string cheese and robots to food education and ‘less but better’.

“More, less, decent, safer, more transparent, healthier: it’s not only about variation, it mainly needs to be better.”

Martijn van Dam – State Secretary Ministry of Economic Affairs

Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Ready for take-off took care of the concept, design and operation of this collection of essays. The ambition was to create a powerful and distinct book, which tells us the discussion about food, isn’t over yet. Firm statements and quotes in a clear visual style combined with strong portrait photography made by Jacqueline de Haas. The corporate identity (Rijkshuisstijl) is the basis for the book design and we finished with a extraordinary binding method: an open back, glued with transparent glue which makes it possible to see each of the 10 essays in their own colour.

In the beginning of 2016 the book was presented by the State Secretary in restaurant Posse, Rotterdam. All essayists gathered here for a live discussion with the audience.

“At the start of this project I had different expectations, but I’m very pleased with the result. It has exceeded my expectations. The comments of other people are all positive: everyone wants to have this book. People even quote from it. It is even more succesful than I imagened.”

Daniëlle Rebel – Senior communications adviser Ministry of Economic Affairs