Vintura market research

Value Based Health Care

Vintura believes the best healthcare must be available and affordable, and must remain that way for all patients. That is why Vintura, as a specialized consultancy agency, is committed to realise essential changes within the healthcare sector.

Value Based Healthcare (VBHC) fits perfectly with this statement, because it aims to improve outcomes for patients and at the same time manages the costs of healthcare. Meanwhile, VBHC is a much-discussed subject within the healthcare sector. Many organizations are struggling how they can deal with this best. That’s why Vintura researched why organizations do or do not move in the direction of VBHC and which barriers are in their way. The report of this market research contains concrete solutions so organizations can get to work with it right away.

RFT-O has developed the report within the existing corporate identity. Tables and graphs are simplified and easy to read, so information comes across properly. Wijtze Valkema made some powerful illustrations to give more colour to the whole. In production, we paid extra attention to the finishing touch. Readers literally feel they have something special in their hands.