Food on the map


Four ministries show on voedselagenda.nl how they (in close cooperation with the business community and civil society organisations) work together on safer, healthier and more sustainable food for everyone. The website contains articles, information on policies, essays written by stakeholders in the sector, reports of debates and events. All these initiatives contribute (each in their own way) to the future of our food.

“The Netherlands is facing a great number of social challenges. If we want to make real changes in the Dutch food policy, we will have to work together.”

Voedselagenda.nl is an initiative of the ministries of Economic Affairs, Health, Welfare and Sport, Foreign Affairs and Infrastructure and the Environment.

The rich collection of diverse content requires a special website. On voedselagenda.nl we literally mapped all the initiatives. You can click around and surprise yourself by new articles and topics. By using the filter function, you can search further within your interests or work field. When looking for very specific information you can use the sharp search function.

This website is not a catalog or library but an inspiring and interactive platform for (future) initiatives in the food field.

Ready for take-off developed the concept, design and was responsible for the technical translation of this website. Obviously, the Rijksoverheid-style was leading, but overall the design is in line with the special essay book which this all started with.

The specialists of Studio September took care of the technical realisation of this complex site and managed to deliver a smooth and well functioning platform.